#Portrait 030, Dr. Horst K., with brand new Head Skis, Warth Vorarlberg

Reinhard Fasching fotografiert Horst K in Warth

Dr. Horst K., Management Consulter with Head ski

31.Jan.2010, last portrait in January, Horst K. management consulter from Germany. We were skiing with some friends in Warth, Arlberg region in Vorarlberg, Austria. Weather was funny, snowy and cold with a lot of powder, so he took out his lovely red anorak and his brand new Head Super Shape Skis for the first time 2010.

#Portrait 027, Roland with Lindner 1065A tractor, Buggy1

Spritti with his tractor, one of the 365 portraits 2010 by Reinhard Fasching

Roland, alias Spritti with his tractor

28.Jan.2010, a lot of snow in Bregenz and this portrait of Roland alias Spritti. He is the cousin of Ivo, a sfh photographer. He owns the shown tractor, a cool Lindner 1065A, 1983, 65 horsepower diesel, with a bigger snow shovel than all the other tractors on the street today. Today Spritti started to work in his company at 4am and after finishing early afternoon there, he followed his pleasure: snow shoveling with his tractor for his friends and our studio parking area as well …

#Portrait 022, Mario, 50th birthday party

Mario, vice director of an insurance company, photo by Reinhard Fasching

Mario, vice director of an insurance company

23.Jan.2010. Mario was celebrating his 50th birthday with his familiy and a lot of friends. He is the vice director of an insurance company. In his rare leisure time he is the director of the Flip & Flap kids ski school at the Bödele in Dornbirn, Austria.
His welcome speech paused the mass at the nearby church, because of a radio microphone, which switched direct into the evening service there.