#Portrait Yvonne Bollhalder, photographer

Yvonne Bollhalder

Yvonne, a swiss professional photographer

I met Yvonne in Chur at the GKB PS meeting. This was the yearly meeting where shareholders were informed about the last business year of the Bank. Yvonne was working there and she told me, she is photographer in 3rd generation. Her Grandfather was the first photographer in her family, than her father and now she keeps the tradition. She runs a studio in Chur, Graubünden since more than 15 years.

Beim diesjährigen Treffen der Partizipationsscheinbesitzer der Graubündner Kantonalbank in Chur traf ich Yvonne Bollhalder. Sie ist Berufsfotografin, was – ähnlich wie bei mir – eine Familientradition zu sein scheint. Ihr Großvater war der erste Fotograf in der Familie, danach ihr Vater und ihre Mutter. Nun betreibt sie ihr eigenes Studio in 3. Generation in Chur, Graubünden.

#Portrait Mr. Vjekoslav Dup, entrepreneur

Mr. Dup, Owner DUP Compressors

Mr. Dup, Owner DUP Compressors

26. 03. 2010, Mr. Vjekoslav Dup. He runs DUP Compressors, a company in Hohenems, Austria. This company provides and sells used Atlas Copco and Kaiser compressors into 86 countries worldwide since more than 20 years.

Vjekoslav Dup kann inzwischen auf mehr als 20 Jahre Erfahrung im Kompressorengeschäft zurückblicken. 1989 wurde das Unternehmen gegründet, 2006 wurde das neue und größere Betriebsgebäude in Hohenems bezogen. Heute betreut, beliefert und berät die DUP Compressors Trading GmbH Kunden und Handelspartner in 86 Ländern und 5 Kontinenten und ist speuialisiert auf Atlas Copco und Kaiser Kompressoren.

Portrait in memory to Markus, our friend

Markus, in memory

16. March 2010, a dark and mournfull day for us. Today we were hit by the message, that our great friend and business partner Markus died abrupt last Sunday. We worked togehter since many years and I remember numerous shooting days in our studio and on Locations around Europe.
One of his impressivest practice was always done in the same way: placing „his babys“, the caps and hats he worked for, meticulously on the models heads, before shooting started.
So we know, this picture stands for his own, personal movement.
We can not believe you are gone, thanks for all Markus. Rest in peace.

#Portrait 062, Franz with new Porsche Design Collection, at Mehlsack Lech

Franz with Porsche Collection

World highest watch presentation

Next portrait, once more from the Arlberg region. It shows Franz from Graz, sales representative with his new collection of the Porsche Design Timepieces. As mentioned before it was world highest watch presentation at the Mehlsack, an alpine peak nearby Lech, Arlberg in Austria. If you are interested in one or more of these watches, price range starts around 2.000.- EUR and ends far over 100.000.- EUR. For my favorite I have to work hard the next one or two weeks. 😉

#Portrait 061, Heli flight controller at the Mehlsack, Arlberg

Ground Controller at the Mehlsack

12.March 2010, my 2nd daily portrait (have to catch up some missed days), it was so spectacular and I don`t want to hold back this phantastic panorama view over the Arlberg region. For the rest of the story please click here….
I don`t remember the name of him, but these guys are responsible for safe landing and transportation at the Heli skiing Arlberg, operated by Wucher Helicopters, Lech, Arlberg

#Portrait 060, Samy, Helicopter Co Pilot, Lech Arlberg

Wucher Helicopter, Samy

Ground Stuff at Wucher Heliport

12. March 2010, early morning in Lech, Arlberg, Austria.
Porsche Tirol and Vorarlberg started a customer event with Heliskiing and a presentation in cooperation with Porsche Design Watches, Praeg Jewelery and Fischer Ski. Our part was to do the shooting of the world highest watch presentation by Porsche Design on a peak called Mehlsack at the Arlberg region.
Samy was one of the guys of the Wucher Helicopter team. He coordinated the starts, the landings at the peak and looked for the passenger and transportation of their skis.

#Portrait 058, Oemer industrial worker

Oemer, sfs intec switzerland

Oemer, sfs intec switzerland

10. March 2010, Oemer, working for sfs intec a swiss situated industrial company for fastening and hinge technology solutions. They also works in cold forming, deep drawing, plastics injection molding and deliver worldwide markets.
Oemer works there since 10 years and is responsible for the quality and the accuracy of the produced parts.

#Portrait 057, Carina with her younger brother Kristian


Carina with her little brother Kristian

09. March 2010, today I shot a lot of portraits -maybe 30 or more people- for swiss party SVP election campaign in Landquart, Switzerland. I was spoilt for choice and always wondering who will be my daily portrait. The choice was clear after I saw 8 years old Carina with her 2 younger brothers Kristian and Jann. Valerie, their mum organized all the people and the location for the shooting today, dad Paul is known as Paul Accola, one of the best former swiss worldcup skier.

#Portrait 056, Michael Lung, smoking motion designer, sfh

08.March 2010, I know I am behind my plan 365 Portraits 2010. Don`t worry about, I also don`t do so. Maybe I have to work in 2011 as well. ;-).
This is Michael, smoking his midday, spring cigarette at our studios entry. For all my US friends, visiting this blog, thats allowed here in Austria. 😉
Michael is my business partner and the executive of the sfh bild.bewegung. This is a part of our company, where we do motion-design, Film and 3-D. So watch out for his cool show reels, I´m shure you like it. Apropos spring, it was damned cold this midday, we had -3 Degree, Celsius, Snow and that all after my 3 weeks real spring time in Spain…