underwater love, the making of

Usually free work for commercial photographers means to shoot this things, whe don`t get paid for. In this case the idea was to shoot a phantastic underwater scenery, titled underwater love.

Because of no experiences with diving we had to compensate this deficiency with a lot more planing and well done organisation.

Daily bussiness of a pro photographer

Those last few days before moving to the premises of our new studio turned out to be a real challenge. My whole team and myself were facing multiple work (and skill) load. One part was to full-time controlling and assisting the finishing works in our new studio. The other part of the show was daily photographer´s business. So after a slow 2011 business start in January we had to kick off into the hectic daily business that we are accustomed to usually.
At the beginning of last week our customer Boesch knocked on our door with a job. The quest was to produce images that transport the message of Boesch´s business: cleaning. So – wow – this job took us to extremely „exciting“ locations such as the retirement home in Götzis, Bosch`s production facilities in Lustenau and the Rheincenter shopping mall. The real hard part about such a job always is to match the customers idea and the photographer´s vision on a professional and accurate basis. Thanks to many years of experience and a high range of flexibility in dealing with situations and a vision for space we managed to achieve a result that satisfied both, Bosch and us. Getting technical: We used well-established wireless flash lighting by Elinchrom to achieve the perfect light situation. More information about details later.

Fotografie für Bösch Reinigungstechnik

Teamwork in the Rheincenter, Lustenau

More jobs: After a conceptual meeting with our customer „Kantonalbank Glarus“ mid last week we scheduled the image shooting for the campaign on a vinyard in Switzerland on Thursday. The mission was to take portraits and images for a new campaign in the private banking sector.

We used non-professional models for both jobs. Such jobs imply two tasks: The photographer concentrates on composing the image while keeping an eye on the models to make sure facial expression and body language are transporting the message. Not easy.
It does not only take the photographer to create a successful image. There is a whole experienced team adding to it behind the scenery such as technical assistance, lighting, computer performance, makeup, costumes, organisation and many other details. This category of job requires intense concentration and team-mindedness from everybody.

Shooting in einem Proberaum in Glarus

Shooting in a musicans rehearsal room

Kontrolle am Macbook

These jobs granted long working hours because the photos we took during the day had to be processed on the computer and the final version to instantly be emailed to the customer at night.

The finale of this working week was highlighted by beer: The brewer or the best-tasting beer of Vorarlberg, Mohrenbrauerei, paid us a visit at our studio. I was to take photos for a new sixpack(??) cardboard tray for the radler beer. It was not easy to arrange the bottles on crushed ice. The whole action turned into a rat race because we had moved our ice box to the premises of our new studio already. So what we did was run back and forth across the backyard.

Hard Work, Radler auf Eis

Hard Work, Sarah and Reini with Mohren Radler on crashed Ice

The biggest obstacles of all about this job was the labels curling and coming off the bottles whith all the condensation caused by the crushed ice arranged around them. How did we solve this problem? You must know that we are magicians with a big trick box. So we just picked the right trick for this kind of illusion…

Oh, I almost forgot about Alex, Lukas and Ivo. They spent the whole week taking photos of Swarovski crystal wonderworld treasures in our studio, which means they were busy doing an extensive, intensive and precise type of job, too.

The result of a working week: 3 jobs, 34 hours of plain photography, 14 hours of desktop publishing work, together 84 hours of work for everybody in this SFH team, 23 subjects, approx. 800 pictures, 96 GB of data, 420 kilometres on the road, 12 kgs crushed ice, 4 crates of beer (not all spent yet) …

Nude & Jewellery photography

Some new images, i did with jewellery by Swarovski Elements. I worked together with Akira Sun, a professional nude model from Frankfurt. The style was choosen as a classical, reduced portrait style, because of the size of the designer pieces.

Reinhard Fasching fotografiert Akira Sun mit Swarovski Jewelery

Swarovski Elements & Akira Sun

Find the first part of the series at our sfh+ webpage, the next part with some surprising photos you will find briefly…

Luca flüchtet im Ruderboot vor einem herannahenden Gewitter

Do you know this Location ? Win a fine art print !

Luca flüchtet im Ruderboot vor einem herannahenden Gewitter

Assistent Luca im Ruderboot

This image shows Luca, my assistent and son in front of an upcoming thunderstorm. We did a photoshooting on this lake, Luca had the challenge to illuminate the scenery from an other boat than we shot with the camera. It was his first rowing experience, and so he had to work hard to get back home before the rain came down.
If you know where this beautyfull location was, please write a comment here on this site. The first who is right, get a limited fine art print, handsigned on fine art paper. Have fun !

Long summer days for photographers, shooting for Lufthansa

The summer days are always the longest days for photographers. At our last shooting forLufthansa Training and Conference Center in Seeheim we did this experience as well. After 2 days and 14 + 9 hours, hard work between sunrise and sunset, with a Team of 2 photographers, 2 photographer assistents, Makeup and Styling, Top motivated wonderfull Lufthansa stuff ( SPCIAL thanks to Sven, Sefta, Sascha, Christina, Doris, Sara, Anka, Lucia, Andreas, Nat, Felix, Mario, Lee, Luca, Ivo, Verena und Nadine ..;-) ) we were tired but totaly satisfied.
And special thanks to the agencySpitzar trusting in our work !
Her some making of images, film and the original photography will follow later on this site …