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3 minute portrait, Mag. Michael Haller

Mag. Michael Haller, Hypo Landesbank Vorarlberg

Mag. Michael Haller during a PR portrait shooting for the Hypo Landesbank Vorarlberg, June, 05. 2012. He is the new chairman, responsible for risk and loan-management, law, foundservice and share settlement.
This photo was shot spontaneous during a break caused by light- and set modification

Merry Christmas 2011 !

Merry Christmas and a perfect start into 2012 to all visitors on this site !

3 minutes portrait, Armando with his 3 month old wild boar

Armando with wild boar

Armando mit seinem Wildschwein

Armando, a Tuscany winegrower, with his 3 month old pig. It´s mother was killed by hunters and he hand feeds the young pig until he will remove it back to nature . Photo shot on 13th June 2011 , 17:36h, Villa Trasqua, Tuscany, Italy

underwater love, the making of

Usually free work for commercial photographers means to shoot this things, whe don`t get paid for. In this case the idea was to shoot a phantastic underwater scenery, titled underwater love.

Because of no experiences with diving we had to compensate this deficiency with a lot more planing and well done organisation.

Today online: new images „Vorarlberg from above“

Images from a ballooning trip above Vorarlberg and the German Allgäu in my Gallery
Vorarlberg – Images by Reinhard Fasching, SFH Images, Bregenz Austria
Please click on the image to view the gallery in full size. The photos can be purchased as limited fine art prints in different sizes  exklusive with photoshelter or contact me.

Nick Veasey with x-rated music instruments

Nick Veasey, X-Ray in Graz

Still everybody is in a state of shock about the natural and nuclear disaster that devastated Japan last week. At first you think you are not prepared to deal with something like an exhibition of photos by a guy who uses X-rays – RADIOACTIVE RADIATION – to create his images. How scary art can be! So this is about British photographer Nick Veasey. He uses nuclear radiation to visualise his art. His pictures are amazingly beautiful. Art gallery Jungwirth in Graz opened the show yesterday.
Photographer and art gallery owner Christian Jungwirth did not spare any effort to live up to Nick Veasey´s oeuvre when he designed the invitation letter.
He copied one of Veasey´s images to genuine X-ray film material and, above all, used those original envelopes – in which doctors and hospitals hand you out your X-rays – to mail invitations to the exhibition to his clients. Surprise facor: high (First thought upon opening the envelope: I havent´t been X-rayed recently……… Astonished Reinhard Fasching viewing an X-rayed teddy bear on a 30 cm x 40 cm negative sheet smiling at him.) Collector´s value: +++

Nick Veasey with x-rated music instruments

Nick Veasey with x-rated music instruments

In 15 years of intensely dealing with X-ray photography Nick Veasey´s pushed his unique work close to perfection. In an interview Veasey explains that taking X-ray photos for medical uses on analog equipment is very similar to the technique you apply when you produce images for the advertising industry. Exposure has become a digital process in the majority of cases. Analog equipment has become rare and hard to find. So finding appropriate equipment kept Nick Veasey busy for a long time. He got lucky in technical industry. Nowadays he works in analog fashion, using film in a bunker near London which was used by the military formerly. His main concern is to work with great care as to avoid accidents and keep safety high. He would not allow anyone to assist him when he carries out the X-raying process using either one of 3 X-ray aparatusses. After that it is his team´s turn to take care of the finish of the pictures on digital equipment.

Vernisage im Atelier Jungwirth, Graz

Vernisage, Atelier Jungwirth, Graz


This type of photographic technique can be very time-consuming. Looking at the image of an aeroplane it is hard to believe that it took him well over one year to realise it. It makes sense when you find out that the plane was shipped from the USA to his studio in London in single components.

My favourites are Nick Veasey´s fashion illustrations and the stories covering them. They unmask the fascination about beauty in an impressive way and let us look beyond this artificial world and

how it falls apart when you catch a glimpse of reality. It is interesting how the focus of attention is taken from the frontside to the backside. Who ever thought of what happens to a woman´s foot when wearing Prada high heels, for instance? Did you expect a woman literally walking on her toe nails with her most probably not even noticing it. Veasey´s nature photography is also stunning. He shows us unexpected insights into the fragility of flora and fauna.

Go see Nick Veasey´s X-rays at Atelier Jungwirth in Graz (until June 4, 2011).

Bestrahlte Lederhose mit Christian Jungwirth

Christian Jungwirth with x-rayed Lederhose

Last supper, by Luca Leon Fasching

„Bread“ was the last theme of the Austrian young pro photographers award.
David La Chapelle inspired my son Luca and he stage managed the last supper by Leonardo da Vinci with some of his friends in our photostudio in Bregenz, Austria

With this work Luca won the award the 2nd time in series. We are very happy and want to give Luca our best wishes and congratulations !

last supper, award winning image

Luca Fasching, last supper

More images and a impressive making of video you will find here …


Ready for action, our new super studio in Bregenz, Austria

From Feb. 24th to 26th we relocated our studio into the new rooms in the Brosswaldengasse in Bregenz.
It took our team with 5 people and 4 profesional men with a big truck from SLG, more than 120 packing cases organized by Sabine, to tansfer all these things in a very short time.
Here are the first images of our new studio, shot early morning on Feb., shortly before the fist trucks arrived.
More images and details will follow soon.

Nude & Jewellery photography

Some new images, i did with jewellery by Swarovski Elements. I worked together with Akira Sun, a professional nude model from Frankfurt. The style was choosen as a classical, reduced portrait style, because of the size of the designer pieces.

Reinhard Fasching fotografiert Akira Sun mit Swarovski Jewelery

Swarovski Elements & Akira Sun

Find the first part of the series at our sfh+ webpage, the next part with some surprising photos you will find briefly…

New Lookbook, photography for Seeberger Hats, Germany

The first shooting we did in our upcoming superb photostudio in Bregenz was the new 2011 collection for Seeberger Hats in Germany. After renovating the studio, we will relocate in jan. 2011.

The new Lookbook Design was created by Andreas Haselwanter . Styling was done by Urs Affolter, hair and makeup Artist was Ariane Riedl. Casting and organisation by Sabine and thanks to my 1st Assistent Luca, both from sfh corporate imaging in Bregenz.