#Portrait 027, Roland with Lindner 1065A tractor, Buggy1

Spritti with his tractor, one of the 365 portraits 2010 by Reinhard Fasching

Roland, alias Spritti with his tractor

28.Jan.2010, a lot of snow in Bregenz and this portrait of Roland alias Spritti. He is the cousin of Ivo, a sfh photographer. He owns the shown tractor, a cool Lindner 1065A, 1983, 65 horsepower diesel, with a bigger snow shovel than all the other tractors on the street today. Today Spritti started to work in his company at 4am and after finishing early afternoon there, he followed his pleasure: snow shoveling with his tractor for his friends and our studio parking area as well …

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  1. carmen
    carmen sagte:

    hi everybody! first of all, good morning Ina! don’t worry about the picture: if I had known you before, I surely would have recognized you;) 7:30 in the morning is no time for a student, in that regard you really look great! (your daddy is too cruel)

    I want to greet roland, who’s father Konrad is just about to clean away the newly fallen snow from our forecourt! with his tractor, by the way – I mean, everybody owns one, and which fool is using a shovel… ?(me, for example)
    hm, tell me, are you people doing a family business, or what?! no, to be serious: THANK YOU for your help!

    mr. fasching, would you please send my greetings to my brother Ivo and his lovely Karin!
    greetings from the small village of Thal to all of you and have a nice day!

  2. carmen
    carmen sagte:

    Roland, you are the man!!!

    now imagine the whole big family with all the relatives, neighbours and friends gathering behind roland and the tractor in a have circle, raising their right fists in time to the follwing words:


  3. admin
    admin sagte:

    Hi Carmen, I will give your brother your warmest greetings on monday (kisses as well ???) and I promise, Ina can sleep tomorrow till evening or longer. Reinhard :-))

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