#Portrait 031, Bruno Rossi, sfs marketing services

Bruno Rossi fotografiert von Reinhard Fasching, Bregenz

Bruno Rossi in the new sfs services foyer

01.Feb.2010, and the next month starts with Bruno, the marketing director of the sfs services marketing divison in Heerbrugg in swizzerland. His retirement will start end of 2010 and sometimes he is contemplative about that. I tried to catch one of these moments for my daily portrait.

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  1. Felix
    Felix sagte:

    Nice greetings to Bruno!
    For sure I´m just one of many SFH-Assistents he knows from the last few decades in which he worked close together with the SFH Team, but i always really liked him and it´s a real pity that he´ll start his retirement at the end of this year.
    So, all the best Bruno!

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