#Portrait 037, Luca, waiting for the train „Computerfuehrerschein“

Luca, fotografiert für das 365 Portrait Projekt von Reinhard Fasching

Luca, early morning, waiting for the train to the photographers school

07.Feb.2010, after a very short night a cold sunday morning 7.am in Dornbirn, Bahnhof. My son Luca left for the professional school in Linz 500 KM far away. The next 10 weeks he visits the photographers class there. So I was not sure if he looked sad because he left all his friends (and maybe his parents), or if he just looked tired. Think both togehter. (why did I both times shoot early morning portraits of my 2 kids?)
The funny name of the OEBB train was „Europäischer Computerführerschein“, that means something like a European Union computer driver licence. Not to long ago, the trains where named with Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna and so on… ;-))

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