#Portrait 042, Malih, la Capuccina, Las Palmas

Reinhard Fasching fotografiert Malih, einen Restaurant Besitzer in las Palmas

Malih, runs the Bar and Coffee La Capuccina

13. Feb.2010, my next portrait (after a one day break ) from Gran Canaria, Spain is Malih. I met him in his bar in Placa St. Anna 2 in Las Palmas. His little restaurant is close to the cathedral in the historic old city of LP. You can eat fine tapas there, ask him for the best in town Calamaris. Malih visited Austria a few years ago and had a lot of good expierences with African Jazz Music, Spanish Wine and friendly people esp. in Carinthia. So it was easy for me to get a yes to my portrait series 2010…
For all waiting for new updates, its very hard to get a good internet connection, so if this works, I update my site. Sorry for that…

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  1. Tania HDPhotosOnline
    Tania HDPhotosOnline sagte:

    The simplicity in this portrait is perfect! Your subject’s expression makes you stop and think about what his life is about. Love this image!

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