#Portrait 047, stormy selfportrait with Ralf Eckel

selfportrait with ralf in stormy rain

17.Feb.2010, selportrait after the 18th hole in Anfi Tauro Golf course. I played with Ralf and wanted to portrait him exclusive. But at hole 17 an enormous storm with hard rain hit the island and we got washed. So I decided to shoot together to show the results of the rain.
Ralf Eckel lives in Paderborn and was the first German Baseball star in the US League. He always played with No. 45 for the Colorado Rockies.

#Portrait 046, unknown carneval star, Las Palmas

last carneval hero 2010 in Las Palmas

16.Feb.2010, one of the last heroes of the Las Palmas Carneval, she (or he) looked a bit tired when I photographed her in the streets of Las Palmas. She did not speak english so i could not get her name. I`ll call her Ana 4%, not only because of the signs in the window behind her.
Carneval in Las Palmas will finish on upcoming saturday, so wish her all the best…

#Portrait 045, Petra, 18th Hole, Real Club de Golf

Petra from Bielefeld, 18th Hole Golf de Badama

15.Feb.2010, We met Petra at the Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas. Petra lives in Bielefeld and spends her holidays with her friend here in Gran Canaria.
The Golf Club is the oldest in Spain, founded 1891 and is situated round a volcano with spectacular fairways and views

#Portrait 044, Alejandro, Tejeda

Almond Fiesta in Tejeda, Gran Canaria

14. Feb. 2010, the Festival El Almendro el Flor (Almond bloom festival)in Tejeda was our target today. It was raining and pretty cold in the mountains. There, early morning I met Alejandro who is a farmer in this region, with his traditional canary clothing and with two of his cows. I hope, I registered his name correct, he did not speak a lot and my spain was realy bad.

#Portrait 043, Mr. Carnavale, Las Palmas

Las Palmas celebries one of the finest Carnevals in the world

13.Feb.2010, the bonus portrait for the one day off. (Maybe there will come a few more, I am in time out at the moment…)
I named him Mr. Carnaval 2010, he was one of the millions or more masks at yesterdays carneval parade in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. I shot him in the large TV stadion where alle cars and people passed through.His outfit is the official logo or sign of the 2010 LPCarnaval I ll put some photos from the carneval in the next few days on my site.

#Portrait 042, Malih, la Capuccina, Las Palmas

Reinhard Fasching fotografiert Malih, einen Restaurant Besitzer in las Palmas

Malih, runs the Bar and Coffee La Capuccina

13. Feb.2010, my next portrait (after a one day break ) from Gran Canaria, Spain is Malih. I met him in his bar in Placa St. Anna 2 in Las Palmas. His little restaurant is close to the cathedral in the historic old city of LP. You can eat fine tapas there, ask him for the best in town Calamaris. Malih visited Austria a few years ago and had a lot of good expierences with African Jazz Music, Spanish Wine and friendly people esp. in Carinthia. So it was easy for me to get a yes to my portrait series 2010…
For all waiting for new updates, its very hard to get a good internet connection, so if this works, I update my site. Sorry for that…

#Portrait 041, Adoney a wine worker, Gran Canaria

Adoney, a young worker, Canary islands

11.Feb.2010, the first portrait from the canary islands, spain. It shows Adoney, a young man who works for a wine maker in Gran Canaria, where I spend a time out for the next 3 weeks. Today his work was to protect the young grave plants against varmints, so he used the shown protective clothing.
I`ll tell you more about the winemaking there in the next days.

#Portrait 040, Annemarie with Baby Lenz

Annemarie with her 4th child Lenz

10.Feb.2010, shortly after midnight I shot this portrait of my long term friends, Annemarie and Martin with their Baby Lenz and dog Buddy on the floor. It is their 4th child, its late in their life but they love iLenz and are total happy with the renewed challenge. All the best for the young family!
It took me longer than normal to put the pics online, because I moved to Gran Canaria in Spain at 10.Feb to take some days time out. The internet did not work there, so I had to organize a connection first. Now it works and I hope to find an every day portrait during my vacation as well

#Portrait 039, Daniela, marketing Boneco, Air-O-Swiss

Daniela with some products

09.Feb.2010, after a long working day in our studio. Daniela was responsible for the organization and the content of todays shooting. The air treatments systems in the front are made by her company, Plaston and are branded with Boneco and Air-O-Swiss.

#Portrait 038, Alex, photographer and freelancer

Alexander from Tyrol in a furniture store

08.Feb.2010, Alex is back. Long time ago, he began to work with us as an photographer assistant. At the moment he starts up as a self employed photographer. Sometimes when we become realy stressfull, he comes from Tyrol to help for a few days. So he did today. Whe worked in a furniture shop for a air humdifier company.