#Portrait 015, Hilde, 93 years old Lady from Carinthia


Hilde, 93, with a catholic shrine

17.Jan.2010, Hilde, at her daily 1 hour walk through our neighbourhood, visiting a catholic shrine. She celebrated her 93 birthday this weekend, so with Elli she was my 2nd birthday portrait since Friday. Usually Hilde lives in Carinthia up in the mountains in an old farmhouse. Because of to much snow and hard conditions there, she spends the wintertime here in Lustenau with the family of her daughter.

#Portrait 014, Elli, 40th birthday party in Austrian Dirndl style

Elli, Fotograf Reinhard Fasching, 365 Portraits 2010

Elli, celebrating her 40th birthday

16.Jan.2010, together with friends and her family, Elli was celebrating her birthdayparty at the Hofsteiger, a restaurant in Schwarzach, Austria. All guests were dressed with the traditional Austrian dress, called Dirndl (for the ladies ) and Lederhose (for the men).

#Portrait 013, father & son , Wolfi and Paul, golf junkies

Reinhard Fasching Fotograf, Vorarlberg, Österreich

Father and Son building up some golf clubs

15. Jan. 2010, this photo was taken in my cellar, where we built up some new golf clubs together, for the next season. Hope they will work well…