Bregenz bei Nacht, Fotografie Reinhard Fasching

Bregenz bei Nacht

Bregenz bei Nacht, Fotografie Reinhard Fasching

Wohnhäuser in Bregenz, bei Nacht fotografiert

Endlich online: Neue Bilder, Vorarlberg von oben…

Seit heute endlich online, meine Ballonfahrt über Vorarlberg und Allgäu.

Vorarlberg – Images by Reinhard Fasching, SFH Images, Bregenz Austria
Ich freue mich über Ihren Besuch auf meiner Gallerie. Wenn Sie eines dieser Bilder in exklusiver, limitierter Ausgabe an die Wand hängen möchten, können Sie einen FIne Art Print über mich direkt oder über meine Gallerieseite bei Photoshelter beziehen.

#Portrait 038, Alex, photographer and freelancer

Alexander from Tyrol in a furniture store

08.Feb.2010, Alex is back. Long time ago, he began to work with us as an photographer assistant. At the moment he starts up as a self employed photographer. Sometimes when we become realy stressfull, he comes from Tyrol to help for a few days. So he did today. Whe worked in a furniture shop for a air humdifier company.

#Portrait 036, Wolfgang, Volvo salesman and charity organizer

Wolfgang Rother, Veranstalter des Putting Turniers zugunsten Netz für Kinder

Wolfgang, organizer of a charity putting tournament

06.Feb.2010, my next portrait, shortly before the 7th comes up. Wolfgang organized the puttmasters 2010, a charity putting tournament, in the Volvo showroom in Lauterach, Vorarlberg. The full income was spent to the network for children, a non profit organization for children help.

#Portrait 033, Lukas, sfh photographer assistant

Lukas im sfh Fotostudio in Bregenz, Vorarlberg

Lukas, one day after vacation in sfh studio

03.Feb.2010, a day with troubles. Software did not work, Hasselblad did not work, but thank god, Lukas and Luca worked well. He was back the 1st day from a one month trip in Brasilia. And he worked very hard togehter with Luca, my son and sfh assistant, to finsih a big hurry job in time.

#Portrait 024, Udo Rabensteiner, artist and sculptor

Reinhard Fasching fotografiert den Vorarlberger Künstler Udo Rabensteiner

Udo Rabensteiner, coffeebreak in the sfh photostudio

25. Jan. 2010, my next portrait is Udo, he visited us early morning in the sfh photostudio in Bregenz. Udo does wonderfull, life sized sculptures (and larger), made of bronze. A small one you can see here on the table in our meeting room.. His homepage will be ready soon, so I hope to link the site in a few days.

#Portrait 021, Michael Ritsch, mayor candidate for the social democrats

Candidate for the Bregenz Mayor, photo by R Fasching

Michael Ritsch, mayor candidate for the SPÖ Bregenz

22.01.2010, the social democrats candidate for the mayor election in Bregenz. I shot his campaign photos today morning in our photostudio in Bregenz. He was a very cute model and I think he will be a likeable candidate as well.

#Portrait 020, Prof. Dr. Jan-Olaf Willums, Chairman inSpireinvest

Jan-Olaf Willums, portrait by Reinhard Fasching, Bregenz Austria

Prof. Willums, Norway, at the Bregenzer Unternehmerfrühstück

21.Jan.2010, he is the chairman of the Norway investor group inSpireinvest. I photographed him after his speech in Bregenz at the Bregenzer Unternehmerfrühstück. Thats a very early morning (breakfast) meeting for entrepreneurs. There he spoke how the usability of electric cars will develop in the next future. Inspireinvest took a holding in the Norway company think, they developed the first electric car in serial production.