Gran Canaria, impressions

Cruz de Tejeda

Here some photos of my trip to Canary Islands, Spain, Feb. 2010

Gran Canaria – Images by Reinhard Fasching

#Portrait 054, Mr. „Always Busy“, Unai, Gran Canaria

03.March 2010, Unai, business- and sportsman. Together with his wife Laura he runs the wonderfull Finca La Salud you can see in the back. Thats an old historical Finca in the northeast of Gran Canaria. Years ago it belonged to an old Benedict monastry. We spent there 3 weeks and Unai was my last portrait I did on the island.
He was born in Northern Spain worked at a ski instructor and studied Law there before he left for the island of Gran Canaria.
In his rare freetime he does windsurf (I think close to professional), bike-trial, canyoning, sky diving, sea diving, climbing, mountainbiking and so on. He renovated the old Finca together wit 4 friends in 4 hard years totaly in a modern architectural building with traditional roots. Now he rents it complete for tourists who like to stay
Togehter with his wife Laura he runs a petrol station and a mini market on the island. And last but not least he cultivates red vine.
And: as you can see at their homepage he is a good photographer as well!

Unai, owner of Finca La Salud, Portrait by Reinhard Fasching

Mr. always busy, Unai

@ Unai: I hope I did not forget anything. 😉 Keep your power and thanks to you and Laura for the good time we spent there!!!

#Portrait 052, Wendi, sand artist with sculpture

Wendi with sand sculpture

Wendi with sand sculpture

01.March 2010, olympic games are over and life goes on. My next portrait is Wendi from Czech Republic. She built up these fantastic sand sculpture together with Miguel on the beach of of Las Palmas. It shows different moviestars in a big TV screen all built on sand. It took more than 4 days to do such sculptures. (And a tractor to put the sand in position)
During the nighttime the brother of Miguel watch for the sculpture. The wind was to strong on the beach, so they destroyed the sculpture for a new one after this photo.

#Portrait 048, Herbs an spices salesman, market Las Palmas

Salesman, Mercado de Las Palmas

Salesman, Mercado de Las Palmas

18.02.2010, to find this market stand at the market in La Vegueta, you have just to follow your nose. The market hall in La Veguetta is the old part of the City Las Palmas. You can get all the fresh things from the island and the Atlantic ocean there. The taste of fresh and dry herbs will show you the way to this salesman.

#Portrait 046, unknown carneval star, Las Palmas

last carneval hero 2010 in Las Palmas

16.Feb.2010, one of the last heroes of the Las Palmas Carneval, she (or he) looked a bit tired when I photographed her in the streets of Las Palmas. She did not speak english so i could not get her name. I`ll call her Ana 4%, not only because of the signs in the window behind her.
Carneval in Las Palmas will finish on upcoming saturday, so wish her all the best…

#Portrait 045, Petra, 18th Hole, Real Club de Golf

Petra from Bielefeld, 18th Hole Golf de Badama

15.Feb.2010, We met Petra at the Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas. Petra lives in Bielefeld and spends her holidays with her friend here in Gran Canaria.
The Golf Club is the oldest in Spain, founded 1891 and is situated round a volcano with spectacular fairways and views

#Portrait 043, Mr. Carnavale, Las Palmas

Las Palmas celebries one of the finest Carnevals in the world

13.Feb.2010, the bonus portrait for the one day off. (Maybe there will come a few more, I am in time out at the moment…)
I named him Mr. Carnaval 2010, he was one of the millions or more masks at yesterdays carneval parade in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. I shot him in the large TV stadion where alle cars and people passed through.His outfit is the official logo or sign of the 2010 LPCarnaval I ll put some photos from the carneval in the next few days on my site.