Bregenz bei Nacht, Fotografie Reinhard Fasching

Bregenz bei Nacht

Bregenz bei Nacht, Fotografie Reinhard Fasching

Wohnhäuser in Bregenz, bei Nacht fotografiert

Golfbilder für Golfclubs, Bodensee Weisensberg

Ein neues Golfhotel mit 140qm Fotografie….

Als digital arbeitender Werbefotograf bekomme ich nach Abschluss unserer Arbeit meistens nur ein Belegexemplar meiner Arbeit zu Gesicht, die meisten Ergebnisse verlassen unser Haus per Datenleitung. Umso größer ist natürlich die Freude und der Stolz wenn dann die eigenen Bilder auch einmal in richtig großer, gedruckter Form  sichtbar werden.

Golfbilder für Golfclubs,  Bodensee Weisensberg

Golfplatz Bodensee Weissensberg


Winter am Golfplatz Weissensberg

08. Februar 2012, -9 Grad, allerdings gefühlte -20 in den Fingerspitzen. Trotzdem und weils so schön war ein Panoramafoto vom Loch 11 und 12. Einfach Winter!

Weissensberg, Loch 11 und 12, Feb. 2012

Für eine große Bildansicht auf das Bild klicken!

Today online: new images „Vorarlberg from above“

Images from a ballooning trip above Vorarlberg and the German Allgäu in my Gallery
Vorarlberg – Images by Reinhard Fasching, SFH Images, Bregenz Austria
Please click on the image to view the gallery in full size. The photos can be purchased as limited fine art prints in different sizes  exklusive with photoshelter or contact me.

Endlich online: Neue Bilder, Vorarlberg von oben…

Seit heute endlich online, meine Ballonfahrt über Vorarlberg und Allgäu.

Vorarlberg – Images by Reinhard Fasching, SFH Images, Bregenz Austria
Ich freue mich über Ihren Besuch auf meiner Gallerie. Wenn Sie eines dieser Bilder in exklusiver, limitierter Ausgabe an die Wand hängen möchten, können Sie einen FIne Art Print über mich direkt oder über meine Gallerieseite bei Photoshelter beziehen.

#Portrait 062, Franz with new Porsche Design Collection, at Mehlsack Lech

Franz with Porsche Collection

World highest watch presentation

Next portrait, once more from the Arlberg region. It shows Franz from Graz, sales representative with his new collection of the Porsche Design Timepieces. As mentioned before it was world highest watch presentation at the Mehlsack, an alpine peak nearby Lech, Arlberg in Austria. If you are interested in one or more of these watches, price range starts around 2.000.- EUR and ends far over 100.000.- EUR. For my favorite I have to work hard the next one or two weeks. 😉

#Portrait 061, Heli flight controller at the Mehlsack, Arlberg

Ground Controller at the Mehlsack

12.March 2010, my 2nd daily portrait (have to catch up some missed days), it was so spectacular and I don`t want to hold back this phantastic panorama view over the Arlberg region. For the rest of the story please click here….
I don`t remember the name of him, but these guys are responsible for safe landing and transportation at the Heli skiing Arlberg, operated by Wucher Helicopters, Lech, Arlberg

#Portrait 060, Samy, Helicopter Co Pilot, Lech Arlberg

Wucher Helicopter, Samy

Ground Stuff at Wucher Heliport

12. March 2010, early morning in Lech, Arlberg, Austria.
Porsche Tirol and Vorarlberg started a customer event with Heliskiing and a presentation in cooperation with Porsche Design Watches, Praeg Jewelery and Fischer Ski. Our part was to do the shooting of the world highest watch presentation by Porsche Design on a peak called Mehlsack at the Arlberg region.
Samy was one of the guys of the Wucher Helicopter team. He coordinated the starts, the landings at the peak and looked for the passenger and transportation of their skis.

#Portrait 056, Michael Lung, smoking motion designer, sfh

08.March 2010, I know I am behind my plan 365 Portraits 2010. Don`t worry about, I also don`t do so. Maybe I have to work in 2011 as well. ;-).
This is Michael, smoking his midday, spring cigarette at our studios entry. For all my US friends, visiting this blog, thats allowed here in Austria. 😉
Michael is my business partner and the executive of the sfh bild.bewegung. This is a part of our company, where we do motion-design, Film and 3-D. So watch out for his cool show reels, I´m shure you like it. Apropos spring, it was damned cold this midday, we had -3 Degree, Celsius, Snow and that all after my 3 weeks real spring time in Spain…

#Portrait 055, Gerhard, CEO Pro Cine lab in my office

Gerhard, Pro CIne CEO

Gerhard, CEO of Pro Cine, imaging company, Dornbirn

Shot on 05. March 2010, Gerhard from Pro Cine a professional imaging company (the modern version of a pro lab, but they do E-6 as well). We organized a pro-photographer workshop in Salzburg. With Helge Kirchberger a famous Austrian photographer, we present people photography and marketing in Helges Studio. Hurry for the last few free tickets, hope to see you there on the April!