Top success for Luca, our youngest team member

Zitronengras / Lemongrass

Top success for my son and our company youngest apprentice photographer, 16 years young Luca Leon. He won the young photographers award, organized by the Austrian professional photographers association. The theme was „spices“ and Luca did a very classic realisation inspired by food photographies and stilllifes he saw before. The motives and the style of lightning was developed in an internal workshop with our two apprentice photographers and me. He did a kind of sandwich technique with different single lamps with constant lightning and multi exposure. The camera was a Hasselblad, H3DII with 39 Mio. Pix. Resolution. The composing of the lightning exposures was made on Adobes photoshop. You can find his full series of winner images at the sfh company homepage.
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